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Teachers Eat Healthy too/ Well at least we try.

June 14, 2017

Healthy Kids make healthy Learners

I found this great Page on My Instagram @Teaching_w_gill. @raisinginggenerationnourished has really made it look easy to create quick healthy meals for your children. Check out her page when you have a moment.

Why eating healthy is very important for a teachers and their students. When you are healthy you feel your best , when you feel your best you perform at your best. Less Fatigue , Longer Patience and a happier mood, so why not try to eat healthier. I would like to share some delicious healthy dishes you can cook at home and buy at the store. Food cred: My beautiful sister  Instagram@Pennyann35, Thank God for sisters, lol.

Grilled Brussel sprout, Purple Cauliflower rice. This meal was delicious.

Snapper Fish , Okra and sweat plantains. This meal was so delicious I could not stop licking my fingers. I felt so good and energized after eating it.


Welcome to Teaching with Gillian!

June 14, 2017

Welcome to Teaching with Gillian! I will be posting cool finds that will be useful in the classroom, 0riginal work I have created in my classroom, fashion tips and ideas for the everyday teacher and healthy eating for teachers and students. I will also be posting different tips and techniques that you can use in your  classroom that will help you have a great school year.