New Teacher help is on the way/No worries

I was once a new teacher and I wish I had someone like a pocket mentor to talk to.

what is a pocket Mentor?

.A pocket a mentor is a mentor that you can speak to after the school day is over. You will keep my email in your pocket for easy access through out the day and night.

Let me paint a little picture for you and you can tell me if you’ve felt the same way, or if you have not felt the same way possibly one day you will.

. Three days of training (feeling like you need more days)?

.Training included lesson planning,  a brief gloss over of policies and procedures, paper work.

.Feeling overwhelmed with so much information in such  little time.

.Head spinning

. Nervous about not knowing what to do but saying you do.

.Wondering if the new staff will like you.

.Will you fit in?

.First day of school has started and you still have a ton of questions.

Well this is where I come in. You will have 24 access to me and my email. I will answer any questions you have and we can also schedule one on one  time if needed. School is over and the first week of school is filled with excitement, doubt and more questions. Just email me and I will make sure your transition and school year is successful.



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