Thanksgiving arts and craft ideas.





Happy Thanksgiving

It’s that time of Year again . Thanksgiving, yayyyyy. This has to be one of my favorite times of year, not only because I get to eat all of the delicious food but it is a fun time to create cool things with my students. It is also that time of year where you can reflect on how Thankful you are for everything that you have. I also love asking my students to think
about what they are Thankful for, I always hear the best responses. kids are so funny and honest. I will share some ideas I used in my classroom for this years annual Thanksgiving feast at my school.

Turkey Napkin rings: 1.Paper Towel rolls cut into circle rings.

2. Paint the rings ( I used, red, orange and brown paint).

3. Found a turkey template online and colored it.

4. Laminated the turkey pictures once colored.

5. Attached turkey to ring using a stapler( Once ring has dried)

6. Now you are ready to place napkin inside turkey ring.


Thanksgiving Place Mats: 1. Gather Supplies(Paint, Brush, Construction paper)

You can use whatever color paint you would like.( I used Fall colors)

2. Paint both hands and print them onto paper facing each other. (fingers will be painted different colors)

Fingers are your feathers. Feet and mouth can be painted by the adult.

3. Leave enough space to print a poem of chose. I found mine on the internet.

4. Once dried , you can laminate place mat and it is ready to be used.


Thanksgiving Turkey Hats: 1.Gather supplies( Construction paper, scissors , google eyes and glue or glue sticks).

2. Cut construction paper into head band size/ pre measure one child’s head first

3. Cut  paper into feather shapes , you can use any color

4. Glue feathers onto headband

5. Glue eyes and mouth

6. Time to measure each students head with turkey hats once dried/ then staple hat once you’ve measured each child’s head.

Thank you for reading some of my Thanksgiving arts and crafts ideas, hope you can use it in your classroom. Enjoy  Thanksgiving with your loved ones. Until next time .




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