Teachers Eat Healthy too/ Well at least we try.

Healthy Kids make healthy Learners


I found this great Page on My Instagram @Teaching_w_gill. @raisinginggenerationnourished has really made it look easy to create quick healthy meals for your children. Check out her page when you have a moment.

Why eating healthy is very important for a teachers and their students. When you are healthy you feel your best , when you feel your best you perform at your best. Less Fatigue , Longer Patience and a happier mood, so why not try to eat healthier. I would like to share some delicious healthy dishes you can cook at home and buy at the store. Food cred: My beautiful sister  Instagram@Pennyann35, Thank God for sisters, lol.

Grilled Brussel sprout, Purple Cauliflower rice. This meal was delicious.

Snapper Fish , Okra and sweat plantains. This meal was so delicious I could not stop licking my fingers. I felt so good and energized after eating it.

Teaching in Style

Who says your teacher can’t be stylish? Here are some great fashion ideas to keep you comfortable throughout the school day.

One of my favorite outfits for work. Brown Flats, tan riding pants and a cool denim shirt keeps you stylish and comfortable in the classroom all day. Great transition outfit if you are in need of a drink after work.

Love , Love this outfit. Burgundy Sweater with black stretched pants. You can never go wrong with black stretch pants. You can wear any top with these pants. I am also wearing burgundy flat shoes, super comfy if you are on your feet all day. I usually get three wears out of these pants during the week, I just change my the tops.


Welcome to Teaching with Gillian!

Welcome to Teaching with Gillian! I will be posting cool finds that will be useful in the classroom, 0riginal work I have created in my classroom, fashion tips and ideas for the everyday teacher and healthy eating for teachers and students. I will also be posting different tips and techniques that you can use in your  classroom that will help you have a great school year.